What is an assessment?
To qualify for any Sacramento County treatment and recovery program, an assessment is required. This means speaking with a care professional who uses standardized guidelines to ask questions that help determine the level of treatment you need.

a group of youths sitting in a semi circe of chairs in front of a social worker who is speaking to them

Your care professional will:

  • Help you determine exactly what kind of treatment would best suit your needs
  • Match you with a treatment service within Sacramento county
  • Tailor the treatment available to your exact needs
  • Refer you to other support services, self-help groups, and resources

How do I know if I will qualify?

Any person 12 years or older living in Sacramento County who is experiencing substance use problems is eligible and able to receive treatment. You can talk to a care professional about funding eligibility.

Federal priority for treatment services admission are:

  1. Pregnant women who inject substances
  2. Pregnant women with substance use disorder
  3. Individuals who inject substances
  4. All others

Download this brochure to learn more about the assessment process.


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