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Meet Levi Ferguson

Levi was a meth user for several years from the time he was 14-17. He then went to jail 3 times by the time he was 17. At his third time in Jail, he found himself praying to God asking him to help turn his life around. Within 3 months of leaving Jail, he was able to turn his life around and leave his old, drug centered life behind. 

His newfound faith in God pushed him away from the drugs he was dealing with and the people in his life that were leading him towards substance use. He then started surrounding himself with people of faith who were there to support him. He found a new sense of purpose alongside this new community and says, “healing feels a lot better than being high.”

If I hadn’t walked away from the drugs or the life I was living, I would either be dead or in prison, without a question.

My Meth use lasted for several years. I was actually doing Meth with my mom.

I would say for me, the first step was separating myself from the people that I was dealing with.